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Connect 2 root Global launch

Connect 2 root Global launch

💖“Connect2Root”💝Global Launch News..

Thank you everyone for your gracious presence and active participation in our inaugural discussion on connect2root, an independent and most important project of Dayitwa Foundation (NGO) organized at Hotel Surya Palace, Noida on 4th November 2018.

As is clear from the nomenclature, Connect2Root is a project to emotionally , physically and socially connect the Diasporas with their root – land, people, nature, culture and institutions. The connection can be emotional, cultural, educational, professional , and, if possible, in the long run financial also. In this initiative everyone is requested and encouraged to connect with her and his root. This mission statement makes our project a GLOBAL PROJECT.

In our first meeting everyone has contributed significantly with his/her experience and skills. A new journey of identifying the methods and and techniques of connection has already been initiated. Particiapnts’ active involvement in the open discussion during the event was a testimony of this program. The meaningful presence of participants from several fields and geographical locations from the beginning to the end of the program exhibited the importance of this initiative. Everyone, without any exception, contributed significantly. Everyone was emotionally charged and nostalgic about his / her native place without any exception of caste, religion, class and gender.
People’s aggressive participation, hope and aspiration have energized our team to work professionally and emotionally with our mission.
We are once again thankful to you for your presence, participation and support. In future also, we are sure, our team will get your intellectual stimulation and practical methods and measures to engage more and more people with their root.

Thanks and regards
Team Dayitwa Foundation(NGO)

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