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Connect 2 root Global launch

💖“Connect2Root”💝Global Launch News.. Thank you everyone for your gracious presence and active participation in our inaugural discussion on connect2root, an independent and most important project of Dayitwa Foundation (NGO) organized at Hotel Surya Palace, Noida on 4th November 2018. As is clear from the nomenclature, Connect2Root is a project to emotionally , physically and socially connect the Diasporas with their root – land, people, nature, culture and institutions. The connection can be emotional, cultural, educational, professional , and, if possible, in the long run financial also. In this initiative everyone is requested and encouraged to connect with her and his root. This mission statement makes our project a GLOBAL PROJECT. In our first meeting everyone has cont...

Group members meeting to discuss way forward strategy

Group members had a meeting to discuss way forward strategy and growth plans. The meeting had an agenda to identify scope of improvements in our villages and arrange resources who will help achieve our goals on the ground level. As the first step towards future the members discussed online presence of the group and also the ways to connect with each other. There is more to come in future, Stay connected and keep an on the latest updates to come. Jai Hind.

Spreading happiness

Spreading happiness is the only way you can get happiness yourself. Our committee member Mr. Kartikay trying to share  happiness with Children. “God has provided us many things and keeps on giving endlessly with an expectation that we will share these things with others who doesn’t have them. I am just following what God said” as quoted by Mr. Kartikay.

Let’s nurture the future of India

The rural–urban population distribution of India is 68.84% and 31.16% respectively. That means almost 69% population of India needs more stress upon education, development and growth. Out of this number a huge majority is of the school going children. Do they have best education? Is our education system strong enough to empower them and get future ready? Do they have enough resources to spend on getting quality education? If your answer to all questions asked above is No. Then the question is. Do we as society members have any obligation whatsoever to participate in their growth? I would say yes. Empowering these children means we are nurturing the future of India. By participating in social initiatives like Connect2root we can at least give our bit of efforts to assure that they are well ...

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