Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

Connecting the people of the world with their root – emotionally, spiritually, culturally, ecologically, educationally and philanthropically.


  • Motivating, encouraging and convincing the people across the world to connect with their root – their native land.
  • Promoting the ethos of root connect with web, newspapers, magazine, TV, digital media and allied sources or source materials.
  • Preparing the state and country wise list of people associated with root connect project.
  • Writing, documenting and spreading the case studies of root connect project as model for the people of the world.
  • Organizing seminars, meets, workshops in physical form and also webinars to learn the lessons from others and motivate the members and any Diasporas to connect with the roots.
  • To organize and run the online and offline membership drive and maintain the countrywide details of the members.
  • To encourage the members to start the cultural exchange program (CEP). Such programs may be treated as opportunities to share the thoughts, cultural practices, success stories among the people of the world.
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