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After independence, the focus of our leaders shifted towards urbanisation and industrialization. This created a ton of job opportunities leading to a paradigm shift of people fron their hometown/villages to cities. Infrastructure, Public Health Care and generally better facilities acted as magnets which gradually led to settlement of people in cities. This although provided an immense boost to India’s economy and helped establish india as one of the World superpowers also resulted in small towns and villages being left behind. This created a “GAP” between villages and cities and the terms urban and rural came into existence. India if anything is known for its rich heritage and varied culture encompassing thousands of years but sadly it seems today is moving away from it. Without culture no country has survived the test of time if history is to be believed. The now ‘City Man’ although attached to his village, his hometown doesn’t want to go back because of lesser opportunities and backward thinking. This has led to accelarated widening of the already expanding ‘GAP’

Dayitwa Foundation aims to bridge this gap that has amassed over the years. We plan to  bring together people from cities that have left their hometowns and became successful to give something back to their villages.

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